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It is a great sea excursion that will leave you amazed. Jump aboard this whalewatching excursion to see the incredible wealth of marine wildlife just off reykjaviks shores. Whale watching tours are operated from the old harbour in reykjavik. On a whale watching tour from reykjavik with special tours wildlife adventures you will be able to experience some of icelands rich and thriving bird life, as well as visit our large variety of sealife, including minke whales, humpback whales, harbour porpoises and whitebeaked dolphins among other whale species. Reykjavik whale watching 2020 all you need to know before. Book your tickets online for whale watching reykjavik special tours, reykjavik. It might be quite difficult to catch them by camera i can say especially if the weather is not the best. Most of the whale watching tours sail out from the old harbour in reykjavik as well as neighbouring areas in reykjanesb. Whale watching from reykjavik whale watching iceland. Whale watching tour operator in reykjavik iceland elding. By continuing on this site you agree to our use of cookies. En route, in clear weather, you will get some fantastic views of the nature surrounding reykjavik the sight of the whole reykjanes and sn. Also, the company is so certain that you will see a whale that if you dont, you can come back for no extra cost.

Top 10 apps for travelling in iceland guide to iceland. In the summer of 2014, i saw the minke whale feeding off the coast. Whales of iceland reykjavik, iceland atlas obscura. There is a pretty good chance that you will see a humpback whale on any whale watching tour in iceland, especially in north and west iceland. During the summer, wildlife in the bay is at its peak, with sightings of harbour porpoises and other whale species, including orcas and even fin whales.

If you think you can just skip paying the ticket because youre driving a rental car anyway its not quite that easy. Whale watching tours can be enjoyed throughout the year, but the season in which you embark on one will entirely shape your experience. This threehour cruise provides you the chance to see minke, whitebeaked and humpback whales. Whales of iceland the largest whale exhibition in europe. The largest whale museum in europe allows visitors to walk among lifesize giants. Dog sledding from reykjavik all year available husky. Tripadvisor whale watching tour from reykjavik provided. Whale watching reykjavik tours, iceland special tours.

When you go whale watching from reykjavik you will get a spectacular view of the city as well as seeing the whales. The whale museum, an educational institute recognized by the icelandic ministry of education, is located at the edge of the harbor. The whales that we can spot on our tours on faxafloi bay are mainly 4 types minke whales, whitebeaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and humpback whales. On a whale watching tour from reykjavik with special tours wildlife adventures you will be able to experience some of icelands rich and thriving bird life, as well as visit our large variety of sealife, including minke whales, humpback whales, harbour porpoises and whitebeaked dolphins among other whale. Year round whale watching tours from reykjavik iceland. Get the ultimate whale watching experience during the peak season from april through october, when over 20 kinds of whale flock to the north atlantic. Best whale watching spots in iceland guide to iceland. Please be aware that due to environmental reasons during certain times of the year our trips may be delivered on a shared boat with one of our partners. The fish soup is around 1200 isk 8 euros, which is a very good. Whale watching in reykjavik iceland on the go tours us. Reykjavik whale watching all you need to know before you go. Take a look at our top destinations, read our travel tips, download our brochures and get.

Whale watching is an incredible experience for people of all ages. Its not a christmas wonderland and its not quite a summer bonanza this is one of icelands least visited months. There are a few things in this world as breathtaking as seeing a whale in its natural habitat. On this whale watching excursion you will be able to get up close to some of icelands amazing wildlife. Elding is the original whale watching tour operator in reykjavik iceland. I would say, put the camera down and dont try to capture the moment for instagram. We will be in iceland for four to seven days, depending on price.

Whale watching tour from reykjavik, iceland arctic. Experience the best iceland has to offer with spectacular whale watching opportunities. Where can we eat both whale and puffin in reykjavik. The reykjavik nightlife scene is very vibrant and actually attracts people from all over the world. There you can find all the pubs that have happy hour, they are always kept uptodate and feature the best deals in town. Book in advance with attractiontix for the best prices guaranteed. Whaling in iceland began with speardrift hunting as early as the 12th century, and continued in a vestigial form until the late 19th century, when other countries introduced modern commercial practices.

You can embark on a whale watching tour from the old harbour, in the city centre, which is pretty cool. More than 20 different species of whales live in the waters surrounding iceland, which are favourable feeding area for whales due to the relatively shallow depth of the water and the long daylight during summer. This app will help you save money in iceland get it now. Special tours offers amazing sea adventures from reykjavik, iceland. If you dont see a whale on the tour, you have the option to take the tour again for free. Whale watching hauganes in north iceland whale watching. Whale watching tour in reykjavik wake up reykjavik. We saw the northern lights last night 622016 just off reykjavik with elding sea adventures fantastic we were only 5 minutes in to the 2 hour cruise and there they were. In the winter, its a whole new experience with the fresh, c. Whale watching reykjavik special tours 2020 all you. Express whale watching from reykjavik and wildlife tour in rib boats with a private guide on board. It is located in an old capelinfishing vessel and it is now an information and exhibition center about whales and seabirds. Going on a whale watching tour in reykjavik will definitely leave you refreshed.

Elding even take a few pictures too which were free to download. Discover the best mobile apps to download before your trip to iceland. It wasnt until my trip to reykjavik, iceland that this dream came true. Hi, i have looked up whale tours and they do look quite dear. Join our tour this summer and get a 10% online booking discount when booking.

We offer scheduled whale watching tours from reykjavik and in north iceland. The best time to visit iceland 2020 month by month. It is a fun and adventurous way to witness the spectacular icelandic landscape from the back of a dog sled. Whale watching in iceland tips and tricks for families. Elding whale watching offers year round whale whatching tours from downtown reykjavik in iceland. Cheap places to eat in reykjavik reykjavik cheap eats. It hosts studies on the habitats and biology of whales and other cetaceans, and contains many fascinating and informative exhibits, including the preserved skeletons of whales and unicorn of the sea, the narwhal. Whale watching in iceland has become increasingly popular in the last few years as whale sightings are v. Wed love to answer your questions or hear about the experiences youve had with some of the cheap eats in reykjavik options in the comments below. Besides the whales, you can also find some of the worlds most beautiful sea birds and other water creatures while cruising. In fact, they cost more than any of the northern lights, golden circle or blue lagoon. For a little bit less money than the other tour companies, you get a comparable whale watching trip on a slightly slower boat. After the whale watching tour, it is time to explore the whale exhibition center, where you come to know everything about the mysteries of the ocean.

Our whale watching boat, rosin the rose, offers an absolute innovation in whale watching adventures in iceland, it is fast and a luxurious whale watching boat, one of its kind in iceland, providing security and luxury for all. In fact, they cost more than any of the northern lights, golden circle or blue lagoon toursvisits. Reykjavik, the capital city of iceland, which is the usual landing place for all tourists is also known as a prominent whale watching hub in iceland the reasons are many. In the winter, its a whole new experience with the fresh, crisp air and a lowlying sun casting a warm glow over the whitecapped mountains. Best whale watching in iceland season, cheap tours. You can take the ticket to the nearest bank and pay it there. The cruising speed is up to 24 knots which allows you to get out to the whale watching area in half the time only 1520 minutes. Our skilled whale watching guides will introduce the whales in general, describe the whale species we encounter, and tell us interesting stories about them. Sep 22, 2019 whale watching tours are operated from the old harbour in reykjavik. For a little bit less money than the other tour companies, you get a comparable whale. And after an unforgettable day immersed in the wildlife of the atlantic ocean, well begin the cruise back to the reykjavik port. Our tour selection combines of whale watching, northern lights by boat, puffin, rib and sea angling tours among other exciting adventures. Jul 22, 2010 from a whale watching tour by elding in reykjavik, great video. Budget for iceland tours reykjavik forum tripadvisor.

Thanks for the link crisscross101, i had recently read that hardly any icelandic people actually eat whale and its merely for the tourists and it definitely put me off trying it when i go next week, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i wont be ordering whale in any restaurants, seems strange to admire them for their beauty in the wild then eat them for dinner. Check out ramen momo during lunchtime because they have a great lunch offer. Nothing goes better with cheap food than cheap drinks. Around 20 species of whale can be found in the sea surrounding the country but the most common are the beaked whale, the humpbacked whale, dolphins and a few others.

Elding whale watching, reykjavik elding operates daily whale watching tours from reykjavik harbor. Get app whales of iceland the largest whale exhibition in. There are many whale watching companies that will help you see the massive sea animals in their natural habitat. We sail into faxafloi bay in search of minke and humpback whales, dolphins and harbor porpoises.

During the summer, wildlife in the bay is at its peak, with sightings of harbor porpoises and other whale species, including orcas and even fin whales. Aug 20, 2016 the cheapest option in reykjavik is with a new company, reykjavik sailors. The longest blue whale on record measured over about 200 tons. Top 10 best value places to eat in reykjavik the top 10. Legendary krona conversions kick in as soon as you touch the tarmac in iceland airport transfers to reykjavik cost from alone grayline. One good way to save money in iceland is simply to download an easy to use an app called icelandic coupons which is available. Just enjoy the moment of your whale watching adventure. Join us on a icelandic whale watching tour from the old harbor of reykjavik.

Be prepared to capture a photo of the giant whales of iceland. The focus is naturally on the giants of the sea and we hope to see minke and humpback whales, harbour porpoises and whitebeaked. This dog sledding tour is available all year and designed for travelers that stay for a few days in reykjavik. Float between the two continental plates in iceland. Whales of iceland uses cookies to give you the best experience when you visit our website, whalesoficeland. We like to live up to our last minute name so remember you can book any one of our excellent reykjavik. In vlog 7 see the famous hallgrimskirkja church, bonus grocery store and whale watching tour in reykjavik. Visit our website for bookings and further information.

Visit the whales of iceland exhibition with lifesized models, an interactive installation and virtual reality experience. Whale watching with our partner company elding has been a favourite with families traveling with young children, these guys have a great success rate in seeing whales upwards of 98% in the summertime another option would be the landmannalaugar safari on this. Take a whale watching tour off the coast of reykjavik. Elding is the original whale watching tour operator in reykjavik iceland, offering also sea angling, puffing watching and northern lights tours. There are also great chances of seeing the sei whale, blue whale, killer whale and fin whale. All the year around youll be able to see a variety of whales by the coast, from the minke, humpback and killer whales to whitebeaked dolphins and harbor porpoises. Many species of whales, dolphins and even seals are to be found in these waters. Experience one of the most popular day trips iceland has to offer with our spectacular whale watching tour departing from the old harbour in reykjavik a three hour whale watching adventure departing from the old harbour in downtown reykjavik. Add either lunch or dinner and make this an unforgettable experience. This guide lists the best and most useful apps to download for planning a successful trip to iceland. Pull on a pair of provided coveralls and then stay on the lookout for harbor porpoises, whitebeaked dolphins and whales as you cut through the still waters of faxafloi bay. The north of iceland is known as the capital of whale watching. Throughout your cruise, listen to the knowledgeable guides insightful commentary, and have your camera ready to.

Luxury whale watching tour from reykjavik guide to iceland. Whale watching from reykjavik, reykjavik civitatis. On this tour you will also experience the spectacular. If you are a resident in iceland and you have an icelandic kennitala and online banking, the ticket will automatically show in your unpaid bills section. Whale watching is operated from various locations around iceland. Iceland is lucky to have some of the best whale watching areas in the world. Dependent on the location of the base camp, the transfer from reykjavik takes only 30. The winter fun is now winding down and snow begins to melt in reykjavik. Three mps had also called for an inquiry into whaling in the autumn of 2012. For the cheapest skyr, just head to the nearest supermarket. The cheapest option in reykjavik is with a new company, reykjavik sailors.

Many of the pubs, bars, and cheap restaurants in reykjavik have a happy hour every now and then. Set off in search of minke whales, humpbacks and more on this whalewatching cruise from reykjavik. The various types of whales commonly sighted include minke whales, whitebeaked dolphins, harbour propises and. Ramen momo is located close to the old reykjavik harbour where travelers meet up for whale watching tours so it is an excellent option before or after a tour. Book now to enjoy whale watching in both style and comfort on this smallgroup. If youre planning on partying your ass off in reykjavik, check this article out. Its got tons of main highlights whalewatching tours, visiting glacier lagoons, and taking. Whale watching tour from reykjavik guide to iceland. Reykjavik restaurant guide featuring 15 best local budget meals recommended by reykjavik locals. The good thing about whale watching from reykjavik is that you dont have to go far to spot whales and they are spotted in almost. Everything you need to know about traveling to iceland. Katla whale watching experience the amazing wild life katla whale watching is the perfect way to experience the amazing wild life found in faxa bay, on whose southern shore the capital reykjavik is located. Whale watching reykjavik special tours 2020 all you need.

Your guide will take pictures of the snorkeling trip that you can download free of. Since the crowds are low and its still cold march is a good time to drive the ring road if youre averse to crowds and on a budget days are getting longer in march, but it still gets dark at. Whale watching in reykjavik wildlife tours tips in iceland. Cheap eats in reykjavik top 11 restaurants and tips. Best trail running races in iceland list of 21 best routes and places to run in iceland and around reykjavik, from tackling the mountainous fjords of. The whales most frequently seen on tours with elding are the minke whales, humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises other speces are sometimes spotted. This trip will get you closer to nature and cover a more significant search area than any other whale watching tour from reykjavik. Iceland on the web can plan you a very friendly and inexpensive package for whale watching in reykjavik. Iceland is among the best locations in europe for whale watching. Cheapest place for shopping in iceland whale watching. How to choose the best whale watching tours in iceland and norway. Whale watching from reykjavik is the tour we believe you will.

Whale watching from reykjavik tickets reykjavik guideandgo. This tour is a must for naturelovers, and fits perfectly into a busy holiday. Seeing the gentle giants in their natural surroundings in an awesome experience. The cookies used on our website do not collect any personal information about you. I had my doubts when i saw the prices on the menu, as it was very cheap. Elding whale watching in reykjavik my guide reykjavik. See the mighty creatures of the sea up close and personal with reykjavik sailors. Whale watching in iceland is becoming more and more popular.

Summer is the peak season for whale watching, as it is the prime feeding time for the whales and migratory seabirds such as puffins can be seen. If you have a rental car we recommend driving to dalvik village in north iceland for a whale watching tour, they have the highest success rate. Watch for minke whales, dolphins and humpbacks on a whale watching cruise from reykjavik, and take in views of the coast from an open viewing platform or an enclosed cabin. Whale watching has blossomed over the last few years and at least companies run whale watching trips from various places around iceland. What is the best season for whale watching in iceland. Starting in reykjaviks old harbour, your whale watching adventure is located right in the city centre. Between 2012 and 20, the number of whale watchers increased by 45,000, and the total number is now around 200,000 annually. The high peak season for whale watching is from april to october, but of course the ocean is always full of adventures. Whale watching reykjavik special tours updated march. This website uses cookies to provide the services and features offered, and to improve our user experience. All kinds of skyr are sold, from fruity ones with blueberry, apple and lemon to sweet tastes with vanilla and chocolate.

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