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This time, the toughest bounty hunters in the galaxy team up to fight for survival and for the chance to work for the evil count dooku in the box. The clone wars is an american 3d cgi animated television series created by lucasfilm animation, lucasfilm animation singapore and cgcg inc. Rise of the bounty hunters on this page you will find images and information about every astromech droid that appears in season 2 of the star wars. Bounty hunter missions are short tasks of finding hidden characters. Bounty is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of star wars. Yet star wars infamous bounty hunter may be getting a spinoff. Tropes specifically applying to the characters based on their appearances in star wars legends can be found here. Plus, we take a look back at the 1983 national library associations reading campaign featuring yoda. Bounty hunters is the seventeenth episode of the second season of star wars. Hondo confronts bounty hunter sugi regarding his plans for the felucian villagers in bounty hunters, an allnew episode of star wars. Beset by hondo ohnaka and his band of pirates who plan to steal.

Filoni, who said production on the second season is all but complete, credits the episodes newly. Years ago, valance and fellow bounty hunters bossk and boba fett took on a mission that went sideways in a bad way after valances mentor, nakano lash, violently betrayed them. Utilized by legitimate governments, private citizens, and criminals, bounty hunters are skilled trackers who hunt down targets to bring in alive or dead. They will unlock as you progress in the story and unlock more characters. It was released on april 2, 2010 on cartoon network. The series made its debut on the american cartoon network on october 3, 2008. Boba fett was a male human clone and was a exact clone of jango fett.

Featuring other bounty hunters from the star wars canon such as bossk from empire strikes back and aurra sing, the bald, pale bounty hunter with a. In episode 5 darth vader hired 6 bounty hunters to hunt han solo. Cad bane is a fictional character and an antagonist in the star wars franchise. In season 2, the sith resort to hiring bounty hunters and mercenaries to steal objects and intel. Hostage crisis is the twentysecond episode and first season finale of star wars. Anakin, who was at the building stealing a moment with his wife, manages to save the senators, but not before bane escapes with ziro. Fierce battles, exciting stories, and breathtaking animation raise the stakes higher than ever in star wars. An aimless asajj ventress joins a team of bounty hunters under the leadership of young boba fett.

Bounty hunters is the seventeenth episode of season two of the star wars. The clone wars television show that is on the cartoon network every friday evening and saturday morning. The box is the seventeenth episode of the star wars. It first aired on march 20, 2009 on cartoon network plot. The clone wars and the eightysixth episode of the series overall. Being a bounty hunter was one of the more illicit and dangerous lifestyles in the galaxy.

Welcome to the first installment in a series of character centered viewing guides for star wars. More information and episode guides are available directly from the official star wars website. Episode ii attack of the clones that brought the bounties back, and added much more to the fettster lore. Anakin, obiwan, and ahsoka crash on felucia and seek aid from the local spice farmers only to learn that the farmers are the ones who are in real need. Intergalactic bounty hunters are big business these days, especially with the supernova explosion of interest surrounding disneys liveaction series, the mandalorian, and marvel comics exceptional star wars. The clone wars season 06 episode 05 an old friend 1080p. Anakin skywalker, obiwan kenobi, and ahsoka tano form an uneasy partnership with four deadly bounty hunters to help protect a local farmer from hondo ohnaka and his band of pirates. It was aired on april 02, 2010, as part of season 2. The disguised obiwan accompanies cad bane and moralo eval to serenno, where they enlist in a brutal competition with other bounty hunters from around the galaxy to determine who will participate in a plot to kidnap the chancellor. During the episode, he infiltrates the senate building on coruscant alongside. On an alien world, they undertake a dangerous but profitable mission that tests the limits of their skills, and the strength of asajjs character.

Asajj ventress joins a group of bounty hunters led by boba fett. Cad bane and his crew of bounty hunters and droid enforcers arrive at the senate landing zone, where they meet a host of senate commandos, who are not happy with their unauthorized arrival. On coruscant, bounty hunters cad bane and aurra sing take control of the senate building in an attempt to free the crime lord ziro the hutt. This week in star wars, a new lego ultimate collector starfighter joins the fleet, we get our first look at the upcoming star wars. He did not have growth accelerated that clones had and he was trained by jango fett to be a bounty. The bounty hunter industry is a dogeatdog business.

The clone wars, voiced by corey burton, where he is depicted as a cold and manipulative bounty hunter from the planet duro. With nika futterman, daniel logan, dee bradley baker, tom kane. When jango fett was defeated by mace windu at the battle of geonosis in episode ii attack of the clones, the position of most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy was vacated, and cad bane ably stepped into the role. Hunters often worked alone, however some formed groups and even close bonds with other bounty hunters. James arnold taylor matt lanter anna graves ashley eckstein jim cummings aka. It is the eightysixth episode of the series overall. It was directed by kyle dunlevy with a script written by katie lucas. It aired on march 27, 2010 in the uk and april 2, 2010 in the us. Their mission is to deliver a box with unknown cargo to the leader of the planet quarzite. The clone wars season 4, episode 20 bounty episode guide who we are never changes, who we think we are does. From executive producer george lucas and lucasfilm animation, season two promises thrilling new adventures, neverbeforeseen characters and creatures, and untold star wars stories.

Countless bounty hunters were active during the clone wars, but only a select few ended up becoming legends. The clone wars season 2 episode holocron heist, darth sidious hired bane to infiltrate the jedi temple on coruscant and steal a holocron, a heist that the. It was released on march 2, 2012 on cartoon network. On an alien world, they undertake a dangerous but profitable mission that tests the limits of their skills, and the. Obiwan, anakin and ahsoka crash land on felucia and. Traditionally, bounty hunters have been portrayed as villains or at least as antagonists in star wars, but as this episode reminded us, for most of these guys, a job is a job and how morally. In order to begin a mission, you have to first complete castle of doom and then talk with jabba in his room on the separatist ship m2. The clone wars bounty hunters is the thirtyninth episode of the canon television series the clone wars, set in the prequel era. Anakin, obiwan and ahsoka must team up with bounty hunters to stop his. At the beginning not all missions will be available. He was introduced in the 2008 animated series star wars. This week, bounty hunters, the 17th episode of season two. Thanks to mgeo and the scoundrel art community for sketch assistance. Bounty hunters is now available on spanish netflix.

The episode first aired on cartoon network on march 2nd, 2012. Cad bane is the baddest of the clone wars bevy of bounty hunters. Eric shane rick and calvin react to and discuss season 2 episode 17 of star wars. Anakin, obiwan and ahsoka form an uneasy partnership with four deadly bounty hunters to help protect a local spice farmer from hondo onaka and his band of pirates. Episode 29 of the chronological order find the chronological episode list here. Bounty hunter cad bane brings pain in season 2 of clone wars. Obiwan, anakin and ahsoka crash land on felucia and reluctantly join four bounty hunters in defending a village from hondo ohnakas pirate gang. The clone wars anthology book cover, and we share some of your comfiest jedi and sith looks.

It is the thirtyninth episode of the series overall. Ventress went on to appear as a supporting antagonist in the 2008 the clone wars animated film and its subsequent television series, voiced by nika futterman, though she. Star wars bounty hunters and mercenaries characters. To return to the character page for star wars, go here. Bounty is the twentieth episode of season four of the animated tv series star wars. The essential clone wars episodes every star wars fan. Bounty hunters darken tone of clone wars second season. She first appeared as an antagonist in the legends continuity 2003 clone wars microseries, voiced by grey delisle. On an alien world, they undertake a dangerous but profitable mission that tests the limits of their skills. The clone wars episode bounty hunters with an episode guide featuring galleries, behind the scenes videos, and character bios. Maybe you are a big fan of the droids episodes, maybe you are a fan of the jedi, or of the clones, the villains or the bounty hunters, well, you are in the right place. Some of that is simply knowledge of the source material.

You might be looking for the bounty hunter trope after the republic loses contact with a medical station above felucia, anakin, obiwan, and ahsoka are sent to investigate. Separatists, boba fett syndicate, hutt clan and galactic empire. With james arnold taylor, matt lanter, anna graves, ashley eckstein. The clone wars bounty hunters tv episode 2010 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Did you know there are thousands of additional movies and shows you can watch by changing your netflix country. April 2, 2010 anakin, obiwan and ahsoka hesitantly join forces with bounty hunters to guard a. At 22 minutes, a single clone wars episode can pack a lot of punch, and even show us the cliff notes of a classic, but theres not enough time to really feel the learning curve of the farmers or the hardwon camaraderie of our heroes. Target vader miniseries from writer robbie thompson and artist mark laming now marvel is upping the ante on these radical rogue scoundrels in star wars. The clone wars season 06 episode 05 an old friend 1080p star wars. It is set in the fictional star wars galaxy, during the.

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